Review of Phases 2 – 6, October 2-5, 2022

After covid sadly forced cancellation of our Phase 7 together, we have agreed a review course is the most sensible route to re-synchronise the group before moving into Phase 7 – 8 and 9.

On this course, through lecture, group discussion, guided practicals and table support, Christian will review all of the key concepts and principles from our previous courses from Phase 2 – Phase 6, with an emphasis on clinical application of the course content to date. The course will take our normal format of lecture, group discussion, guided practicals and meditations, and personal support at the tables during practical sessions. Christian will also offer to treat members of the group, describing his findings and approach during the treatments as a shared support and study exercise.

Dependent on group need, potential topics will include:

  • The fluid body and it’s many roles. Recovery from birth trauma, managing growth and development and lesioning in children, adaptive responses to lesioning in adults, metabolic functioning in health and disease processes. CV4/EV4 and axial fluctuations. Resuscitation and resynchronisation.
  • The Long Tide and Soft Potency. Tissues as functions not structure, intramembranous lesioning. Treatment of post partum mum and post RTA presentations etc.
  • The Stillness of the Mystery of the Midline. “Fire in the Bones”!  Ignition system and resuscitation of patients with poor vitality. Self/Non self recognition and immune function support.
  • Embryological fluid fields and their organisational “seams”.  A journey into the Form of embryogenesis, which precedes both function and structure.
  • Embryological fulcra. True and “false” fulcra, developing our relationship with the Matrix and perfect form.

In the light of covid, post covid recovery and vaccination issues he will also look to review our osteopathic relationship with the patients immune system functioning. Drawing on content from previous courses we will explore aspects of support and treatment to endocrine, nervous, vascular and respiratory functions, and offer some thoughts on the treatment of patients from these covid related group of presentations.

Course places will be offered first to existing members of the Swedish groups taught at Hotel Cesar, after which any remaining places will be offered first to previous Swedish course participants of the phase courses, and then to the general biodynamic osteopathic community.

Hotel Cesar, Vilanova, Barcelona, Spain

Our courses together will continue to be held at the Hotel Cesar, this friendly family run hotel has been our home for these courses over several years. Our course is early in the month of October, so we should have some good weather (hopefully!), and the sea should still be warm from the summer sunshine. The hotel pricing has not changed in the intervening year, and remains at the bargain price of 325 euro for accommodation in a single en-suite room the entire duration of our stay including all meals and breaks from supper on the first night through to lunch on our last day. Partners can join and share a room with a course participant for only 275 euro.

Not been to the hotel before?

For those who have not yet been to the Hotel Cesar, the hotel is a small family run 3 star hotel, with comfortable accommodation , a beautiful rooftop lecture room for our study together, with sea views. Our practical sessions take place in a ground floor room, looking out in to the hotel courtyard. There is a sauna and small swimming pool, but the hotel is barely 40 metres from the beach! The town, Villanova, is a truly Spanish town, with multiple bars and restaurants, three large beaches, and the second longest “rambla” in Catalunya, perfect for an evening stroll, coffee or glass of wine!

Booking For The Course:

Course fee remains at 650 euro.

To reserve your place on this course please mail Eleanor at

Booking accommodation

Accommodation at the hotel for the duration of the course dates will be automatically booked by us for all students who have booked on the course. There is no need for individual students to contact the hotel to book accommodation if you are only planning to stay for the 4 days/3 nights of the course. If you plan to bring a partner, arrive before the course start date, or stay on at the hotel after the course you will need to contact the hotel to add these reservations.  All mail to the hotel regarding extra days stay, or the accommodation of partners, should be addressed to If you do contact the hotel, please make it clear that you are with the group of Christian’s course, October 2-5.

Covid/Vaccination travel concerns?

As of May, 2022, there is no obligation to be vaccinated to enter Spain, however, unvaccinated travellers are still obligated to present a lab based negative covid test, either LAMP (lateral flow test) taken within 24 hours of departure, or a PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure. However, with many European countries dropping all requirements for any covid certificates for travel, it is quite likely that the testing requirement for unvaccinated travellers will will also be dropped?